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GOLD is the band’s third album and was inspired during a season of rapid change in life and relationships. Songs like “Go,” “Picture Perfect,” and “Let It Burn” reveal a sense of self-reflection and change in perspective, while tracks like “Bombshell” and “The Hunger” tell stories of intense desire, love, and destruction. It all concludes in the title-track, “Gold,” a story is completed by expressing the power of finding someone special who is 'gold', losing them, and the pursuit of finding them again.


released December 20, 2013

Album art painted by Adie Janci (



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Ask You In Gray Portland, Oregon

Ask You In Gray, a high-energy electropop duo, radiates a unique style of indie-pop inspired by punk and indie-rock, infused with electronic beats, screaming synthesizers, and a never-ending love affair with 8-bit.

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Track Name: Go
Mirror, mirror on the wall
I've been waiting for your call
You can't look me in the eyes
Try so hard to sever ties
Mirror, mirror on the wall
You knew me before the fall
Winters gone and now its spring
I think its time that I come clean.

I’m not the same that I was the last time
I’ve got to go on my own.

Hidden layers, separate
I've gotta get my story straight
I thought the world was just a lie
Find the door and make it mine
Hidden layers, fight the fight
The fantasy was nothing right
I've been dragging all my doubt
This time I'm gonna make it out

I can’t go back to what I had
I’m barely intact
(It’s too big for you to change it)
Take me where I move on, a second chance
To right where I left
(You’re just not that courageous)
Slow it down
No, I’m not saying sorry
(It’s time to give it up)
Slow it down
No, I’m not saying sorry
(Cause you’re not strong enough)
Slow it down
No, I’m not saying sorry
(Stand up and face yourself)
Slow it down
No, I’m not saying sorry
(You know you can’t be someone else)
Slow it down
No, I’m not saying sorry
I’m not the same
(You’re just the same)
Track Name: Picture Perfect
And you talk he way you move is enough
And we'll follow through but there's not enough room for two
And we know it just comes down to the walk
And I drive the argument cause I lie
I’m fine with it but I try, and it’s never enough
Cause the lights don’t wanna take another shot

And we all see it
The flash can’t beat it

You've got it all because you're picture perfect
The flash from all the bulbs, you're picture perfect
But in another time you'd be mine
Instead you want it all, you're picture perfect

And you fell for what they want
Cause they call for everything you flaunt
I can tell that it’s not your fault
Nothing else makes you feel the way it felt
Cover shot is the only one that you've got
It’s not about the fun, when it stops, and the damage is done
When the flood moves on you’re dead with all the rest

Is there more than meets the eye?
Are you perfect in disguise?
Track Name: Bombshell
In the cold night huddled right next to me
We keep it up cause she's such a high frequency
The elements compressed, atomic particles
Radioactive, I know that it’s volatile
She's got that trip switch, smile, I'm givin’ in
And got that gold-cased shell, my mind is swimming it
But if I cross the wire, choose ‘em one and done,
This total knock out, she'll blow it up

Yeah she's a bombshell, I'm setting her off
Just take her back cause I cant get enough
I'm saying whoa.
I've got the fuse and she's tying me up
Just cut me loose or I'll light it myself

I've lost my mind, cause I'm drunk on the chemicals
But its only a lie, she's uncontrollable
Its not a closed case, shut it off and get away
She's like the dynamite, strapped to my chest, no escape
Another late night, we're touchin’ each other
I've got the cold touch runnin' for cover
Cross the red and white, pray to god you've got is right
You've got no kill switch, so make sure that it’s what you like.

Countdown, I've gotta back out
Bare skin, I'm at my wits end
Knife out, can't take the weight off
Heartache, just set it in my lone grave
Track Name: Let It Burn
I'm not coming home tonight
So just burn what’s left in the morning light
I'm not coming home tonight

In the center lane
I'm the one to blame
Turn around again
Make another pass
We've gotta take it fast
Gonna play pretend

A dilemma child
Buried in the wall
Digging out my grave
Just the second time
We can call it lies
Riding on heat waves

Let the fire burn
Pour the gasoline
Let the flames ignite
It’s all you'll see

Make it to the street
Before the last call
Take it back again
Got the benefit
Of the last fall
Stacked it in the end

Knuckles white and red
On the concrete
I hope your happy now
Push it to the floor
Cause I’ve got lead feet
You've gotta get me out
Track Name: Awake
We've got it feelin' right
Every night, every night
Nothing but the street lights
Make something of the time
Every night, every night
We're hanging on the other side

I let the seven blocks of friends come stock with no regrets
I feed my appetite for feeling right before we reset
Another bottle down, and tossed aside, he's on his own
Just a story told, a tale rolled in broken bones

It’s nothing dangerous
We've got each other here to save us
The difference is the distance
We're growing larger by the minute
Curb to curb is packed out
The summer air is back now
We all want what we've got here
A different kind of track-town

I see the fire light, from sparks ignited, cigarettes
Another bursting flame passed down the line, but better yet
I got a handle on it, corked and flaunted, heavy pour
Just watch me pass the whiskey, sittin' pretty, ready for more

There's no resistance
Nothing if not persistent
You know we've gotta have it
Another night lost in the madness
We turned our phones off
Nobody we don’t know of
We're taking most the southeast
We're gonna make this city blow up

And the night keeps calling us back
And I know I couldn’t stay away
But I try to let the sun bring us home
It just never ever ends that way
And the night keeps calling us back
And I know I couldn’t stay away
I'm alright with the lights on the streets
And the way I feel while I'm awake.
Track Name: The Hunger
She's on the hunt for something bleeding
And he's gotta feed that empty reason
And I know, you know, for sure
His flesh will just leave her eager

Track time cause now we're on a manhunt
Lap lane we're passing all the young blood
We see, we saw fresh claws
No sense in stopping, its a lost cause

She's out for the kill
You wanted a thrill
You've got it
I hope you got what it takes
Cause no sign, she'll strike anyway

Long shot, she’s diving out of sight now
Blacktop is flooded with a ripe sound
Keep track, she's tagged, I'm out
Can’t let a menace rot the rip town

Fresh tracks, our prize is losing leeway
Load fast, this girl might need a double take
Tie down, locked up, she's out
Clean slate, its safe for us to get down

Set the record straight
A 6 feet face down grave
A flood of gasoline
(It’s something you’ve gotta see)

Take my word and leave
The hunger never cease
A casket shred to leaves
(She's something from the deep)
Track Name: Gold
And gold

Taking off at a whirlwind speed
Never thought it would work for me
Going back just to make believe
Always chase what think I see
And up all night just to prove it wrong
Hand in hand as we watch the sun
Seven days, never separate
Like a dream if I never wake

And Gold
Turn the lights out, it’s right now
Let the ember light till the fires right
Hold my hand now, its cold out
Staying by my side, it'll be all right

Down the coast, but it gave me hope
With a friend, never quite alone
Every stop, it was on my mind
Took a shot every chance I’d find
Laid it out, couldn’t keep it up
Let me go, didn’t get enough
Fight it off, never drop your guard
All alone never felt so sharp

All that’s left
Ready now?
On the steps
Broken Glass
Turn around